Fall Themed Dinner Plate.

Sydney shares all the steps to make a spectacular fall themed dinner plate.

Camp Fired

View the typical Camp Fired Experience.

How to make a Halloween Candy Dish

Sydney Hill walks us through the steps to create a great Halloween Candy Dish!

What painting at a You're Fired Studio is like.

A video overview for those of you who have yet to experience You’re Fired.

Our Bisques (the white pre-painted ceramic pieices)

With 1,500 bisque items in stock… get a head start and check a few of them out!

The Tape Technique

Using tape to create your masterpiece!

The Scraffito Technique

So unbelievably COOL (like we are kids all over again)!!!!!!

Studio Inspiration

Ideas are everywhere in our Studios – check, check, check ’em out!!!!

Inspiration galore…

The Swirling Technique

One of our house favorites – but be careful – this technique is risky as too much paint left on item will cause crawling while firing.

A simple Flower Technique

Following a simple process to create a stunning flower plate.

Ombre Sponge Technique

Applying multiple layered colors with a sponge.  

Trace and Transfer

Use this method at the studio to transfer the outline of any clip art to the bisque.

Our "Splattering" Technique

Believe it our not, you use a toothbrush for this one!

The Bubbling Technique

Blow some bubbles to create an awesome “Marbling”  effect.

Making a Handprint

There are an unlimited amount of cool things to do with your child’s handprints.  Or footprints.  Or even the now popular, wait for it… Butt Prints!  Of course this video just covers hands.