A Win-Win-Win FUN-draiser!

Is your school or non-profit organization looking for a new, easy, fun way to raise funds?  Organizations have held events at our Studios that have raised as much as $1500 with very little effort! Our most popular fundraising event is known as the “Weekend Fundraiser”.


Your organization will post flyers, contact neighbors, create a Facebook Event, recruit friends and family to come to You’re Fired during your assigned weekend (Friday, Saturday and Sunday).  All you do is spread the word.


All your guests do is come to our Studio during your assigned weekend, with friends and family, and enjoy the You’re Fired experience.  They simply alert our staff during cash out that they are there as part of your group.


We will donate the entire Studio Fee collected ($8 for adults, $6 for children) for each person with your group, during the entire weekend, to your organization.

We get new, happy customers, (we WIN) they get the You’re Fired “experience” (they WIN), and you get the money! (you WIN).

To book a weekend, please contact the studio of your choice, or fill out the form below.

For a fundraising date, please enter your organizations name and mailing address in the box below, and press “Submit”.  We will email you confirmation. Click the appropriate studio link below to download and print the fundraiser package.

Click one of the links below to download a printable PDF Fund Raiser Package