Family Moments

Families in New Hampshire and around the USA are suffering from lack of creative moments and true togetherness that is so important, but often put off due to other constraints on time and obligations.

If you’ve noticed that children easily embrace a video game controller, cellphone, or tablet faster than almost any other activity these days – you’re not alone.

The widening gap between parents, children, and grandparents is caused by almost too many things to list. One major cause is too much virtual time and not enough real world, interactive, creative family moments. You’re Fired is on a mission to raise awareness for families in NH so they can plan better moments together – rather than getting lost in the chaos of the internet, busy schedules and other normal family obligations.

WHY? Because we’re FIRED UP about families getting together, getting creative and having fun! If you’ve scooped up your little one and paid us a visit, then you know just how those precious eyes light up with curiosity as they become little artists right right in front of you. And even more so, how excited they are to see their finished product once we have fired it for them. And lastly, how both of you remember the time spent together years later when your item is viewed, or used.

Wow Fact:

When interviewed, a majority of US parents complained that aside from WATCHING play time during younger years, or sending children out to play time during more school age years, there are NOT enough opportunities to engage and have creative moments in a participation and collaborative environment.

A recent customer visited during National Family Fun Month … “We had the best time. We went with my husband, two children and mother in law. We stayed for hours. It was clean and the staff was so helpful and patient. We will definitely be back!”

Had enough activities that are watched from the sidelines? Visit a You’re Fired Studio and join in the activity! Create a moment.