To-Go Kits

We understand that even though our studios are open, that there are some of you who are unable to be in the studio due to medical risks.  For this group we are temporarily offering “To-Go” kits.  While this is not the in studio “You’re Fired Experience” we want to provide you, and while it does pose significant contamination and handling risk, under the current circumstances, we are making it available.

The To-Go Kit:

  • Choose bisque at the studio.  Limit of 2 items per Studio fee.
  • Choose 6 oz of paint per item (your color choices).
  • Choose 3 paint brushes per studio fee (must be returned when you drop off items for firing).
  • Fill out an intake slip at the studio (leaving the date blank).
  • Check out – credit or debit card only, using our contactless processing.
  • We will package everything, and staple your receipt to your intake slip, and place it in the bag.
  • Keep the receipt and intake slip with the bisque.  We will need to see these when the items are returned for firing.
  • When you drop your finished item off, we will add the date to the intake slip, and give you back your receipt.  Your items will be ready 7 days from that date.

Of note:

You assume all risk of contamination of the bisque.  This is a very fragile process, and handling outside the studio is very prone to contamination.  We will wrap your items at purchase, and you should keep them wrapped until you choose to paint them, and again once dried (for 24 hours).