Temporary Capacity Limiting Policy

Like every other community based organization, we care very much about the physical, emotional and financial health of our employees, our customers and all their families.   

We recognize that our service can provide an “oasis” from the chaos, and a “therapeutic” benefit to many of you, and we want to be able to continue to provide this.

We are also closely monitoring and adhering to the advice of the Federal and Local Authorities, specifically with regard to limiting the spread of CaronaVirus, by employing cleaning and social distancing measures.

To this end, in addition to enhancing our daily cleaning and disinfecting procedures, we are temporarily instituting a “Capacity Limiting” plan at the studios.  We will temporarily allow only 4 groups to be in the studio at any one time, which allows them to be seated 10-15 feet apart, almost double the recommended “Social Distancing” suggested by the CDC.

To help coordinate this, we will be taking reservations for groups at 1-1/2 increments throughout the day (on the odd hours Mon-Sat, even hours on Sunday).  Reservations can be made by phone, in person, or online here:   Studio Reservation.

We will continue to welcome walk-ins, so long as their visit fits within this Capacity Limiting plan.  Pickups are welcome anytime we are open.

As a curtesy to our staff and other guests, we will ask all visitors to wash their hands prior to and upon completion of their visit, and that they cover their coughs and sneezes appropriately.

Lastly, we ask all guests who feel ill, to please stay home and recover.  Rest assured we will be here for you when you are well.