Private Studio Use

During our temporary Covid-19 public shutdown, we are offering our loyal customers a “Contactless” private experience at the Bedford Studio.  (the other studios may be available shortly).

You and your immediate “quarantine” family can use the studio by yourselves, at a pre-set date and time.  You will have the studio for at least a 2 hour period, at which time another group may join the studio (at the opposite end) for their 2 hour period (hence the ‘semi-private nature of your visit).  

There will be no physical staff to support you, so this is only an option if you are familiar with the “You’re Fired” experience, and are comfortable being in the studio by yourselves.  We will be available to you “on call”.

There will be a minimum pre-paid charge of $100.  This amount will be added as a store credit to your account.  If your group exceeds this amount, we will call you the following day for any additional payment.  The $100 is a minimum, so there will be no refund if you use less.  We charge a studio fee of $8 per adult ($6 for children), plus the cost of the bisque (pottery) you choose to paint.  

You and your group will be granted access at your predetermined time.  Fill out the intake slip at your table, and place bisque stickers on it accordingly.  Help yourself to bisque, paints, brushes, and supplies in the studio.  Don’t forget to add your initials on the bottom of your items, with paint, to properly identify them.   When you have finished,  just leave everything on the table, and leave the studio.  We will come in after your visit to process your items, as well as clean all paint bottles, pencils, brushes, supplies, etc.

We will call or email you when your items are ready for pickup.  They will be pre-packaged, and all you will need to do is enter the studio and grab your bag.

During your time at the studio, the studios are “Closed to the Public”.  Our Studio camera will be recording studio activity for security purposes. 

To request a date and time, fill out the following form, and make the payment.   You will be emailed a confirmation with detailed instructions, and provided with a You’re Fired “on call” contact, in case you have any questions or concerns while at the studio.

Bedford Studio Request